It’s no secret that our homes in Eagles Nest were built with some questionable material and practices. Every season we encounter more issues, some for the first time. This monthly article will try to explain where these issues come from as we research and implement tips for repair or prevention.


January 2019

Oops! Perfect.

In a recent repair project, we came across an issue with a great outcome that seems “meant to be”.  Several onlookers have expressed interest in this new design for their own homes. 

If you enter the neighborhood from the South entrance off Lafayette you may have seen our case-in-point progressively lose siding through several intermittent days/weeks of high wind; this was actually the owner’s second bout of siding woes after losing quite a bit of the opposite exposure prior.  An attic inspection revealed the cause.

APRIL 2019

Growing Panes

Looking out my window to my pup playing in the sunshine I get excited about the weather change and the warmer months to come; but, for our homes, the changes in temperature, humidity and pressure don’t usually have welcome effects. Building materials in general are not meant to be expanded and stretched. Paint, roofing, lumber, brick, vinyl, and glass are all affected by the phenomenon of thermal expansion. As I look out the window, my excitement for the sunshine is stifled by what I see BETWEEN the glass panes: moisture. We’ve had several customers that were given disturbing advice from window companies with a big price tag: “All you can do is replace the entire window unit; we cannot replace the one piece of glass.” Pardon me while I clear my throat; h0r$h!+!